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Roxy the Sensitive Boston Terrier

I have never met a dog quite like Roxy, my little Boston terrier. She has the most sensitive stomach I have ever seen. Since my daughter is twelve now, it’s been a while since I used diaper wipes; until I brought Roxy home. It’s also been a long time since I’ve been interested in another creatures bowel movements; until I brought Roxy home.

I have read about how some rescue dogs have stomach issues because of the things they eat when they are in the wild. That might be the case but I’m thinking Roxy is just a sensitive dog. Right from the beginning, we had issues with Roxy and her digestive track. We’ve spent a lot of money at the vet and the pet store trying to figure out how to make her stomach settle down and produce solids.

I now realize what needs to be done. I can never change her food, any part of it, ever. If her particular dog food goes out of business, I will just have to stop feeding Roxy altogether. Of course, I’m kidding. Roxy is 99% chowhound and 1% Boston. She wouldn’t survive the afternoon without food.

Right now Roxy is eating Canidae hard dog food with Trader Joe’s organic chicken broth mixed in (along with some water) and Trader Joe’s peanut butter flavored dog treats as the occasional snack when she can’t possibly take another step before she dies of starvation. I firmly believe Trader Joe’s has saved my little dog’s belly. I will write them a letter, explaining in depth, the issues Roxy has and how Trader Joe’s has helped. They’ll appreciate that.

Don’t read any further if you don’t have a dog or a child. I’m a little surprised at how happy I am with Roxy’s bowel movements this past week! I will never stray from her food regiment again. I will never ‘accidentally’ drop cheese on the floor again. Today, when I dropped a couple of Cheetos on the floor, I dove down, knocked Roxy out of the way and carefully carried the now soiled Cheetos to the garbage. I will not willingly go back to faucet butt, Roxy, sorry.

I thought I was going to cry a little this morning after Roxy had finished her morning business. I actually picked it up without smearing it all over the grass. Those disc shaped stink zones on your lawn? Like crop circles from a poop monster? Those are from Roxy; but not this morning!

I have never been this happy about another creature’s constitutionals. I honestly can’t remember ever getting this excited about my daughter’s. But once you have experienced nothing but liquid, it’s nice to see something solid sitting on top of the grass. I never thought I’d write about doggy doo, that is, until I brought Roxy home.


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Some Things I’ve Learned About Roxy the Boston Terrier

I’ve had dogs before but it still surprises me how very similar and very different dogs can be. It’s also surprising how quickly you notice similarities between your dogs and yourself. I’m pretty sure Roxy was born this way, she hasn’t been here long enough to copy our habits, and it’s funny how much she takes after each of us.

Roxy is a very picky eater and doesn’t like to try new things (just like Jessie). When we first tried to feed Roxy she sniffed her bowl and walked away. It took forever to get her to try her food but when she did she wanted an unlimited supply to magically appear for her. I’m sure she would love a setup like a morphine drip for dog food. She can just push a little button and out plops a bowl of sweet potatoes and carrots laced with chicken broth.

Jessie may be getting better with her eating habits but she still has a hard time trying new authors. Janet bought her the Little House series and she refused to read it, several years ago. When she finally read one, Jessie adored it and couldn’t get enough of the series reading them over and over again. Jessie’s new ‘Oh! Would you just read the book already!’ reading choice: Harry Potter.

Roxy does not like the rain, she was definitely born in the wrong state, nor does she like the cold weather. Together? She absolutely can’t stand it outside when it’s both cold and raining. When I go to take her for a little walk around the block, if it’s cold and wet, she sniffs the air and lookRoxy the Rox Stars up at me as if to say, ‘really? You want me to go out in this?’ (Just like Janet.) I’m thinking of sending both Roxy and Janet to Phoenix until maybe July or so.

Roxy likes to sleep. A lot of that has to do with the fact she has apnea and doesn’t sleep well at night. This little dog of mine sounds like a mini Harley fighting with a chainsaw most nights and she sleeps down the hall in Jessie’s room. Rox spends most of her spare time, during the day, taking over large chunks of the couch while lying in inappropriate, non ladylike, positions (just like me).

I love the beginnings of friendships: the getting to know your friend and their likes and dislikes. It’s an exciting time, the first few months, and I’m enjoying getting to know my new friend Roxy. Now, if you don’t mind, Roxy and I are going to go hang out on the couch. Good thing our couch is ten feet long.


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Roxy the Boston Terrier

I think it’s finally going to happen.  I’m going to get a dog. Like my Grandmother used to say: I’m so excited I could just spit. I won’t, though. Her name is Roxy and she is a 21 pound Boston terrier. Janet isn’t thrilled with the idea but Jessie and I can’t wait to adopt her. Think of all the shopping we can do.  Just don’t tell our budget.

I won’t bore you with the whole story of how I found Roxy but I learned of her through Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue.  They’re a great organization who helps dogs relocate, not from a kennel or shelter, but through volunteers who donate time and money to care for dogs in their own homes.  I didn’t necessarily want a purebred dog, and I’m sure they foster non-purebreds, but it just seemed to work out this way.

Originally, I wanted to go to a shelter and pick out a cute little dog that couldn’t live without me but realized it might be better adopting from someone who’s lived with the dog for a while.  I had visions of leaving the dog and having her bark nonstop in my condo.  That would probably be more annoying, to my neighbors, than a pre-teen cackling uncontrollably while watching A.N.T. Farm on the Disney channel.

Jessie and I went to meet Roxy earlier tonight and I think Jessie fell in love with her immediately.  Roxy’s so small and cute, she’s portable size, how could she not fall in love with her? I myself am holding off on adoration until I can pick her up in a couple of weeks.

There’s one thing all three of us can agree on: we don’t like the name Roxy. I’ve always thought of Roxy as a good stripper name and Roxy the dog does not look like a stripper what with the tuxedo she’s wearing.  Jessie wanted to name her Bear but Janet and I said no, she’s definitely not a bear.  I googled ‘popular pet names’ and we had a ball going over all the names.

We decided to keep the new name similar to the old sound wise so when Jessie suggested Monkey (it does end like Roxy) I had to tell her, “but what would we call you then JessieMonkey? If we said ‘come here, Monkey, you’d both come running.”  Jessie had to agree with us so we each made a list of our three favorite female dog names.

There were two major rules to renaming Roxy: her new name had to be on everyone’s list and we had to all be happy with the choice.  Some of the names not making the cut: Cinnamon, Missy, Heidi, Maggie Mae, and about 20 more Jessie picked saying, “Oh!  I like that one!”  The name we chose: Sadie.

So, Sadie the Boston terrier will be joining our little family in the next few days.  Jessie and I are thrilled and Janet is still coming home on the weekends which is probably all I can hope for at this point.  Janet just doesn’t realize how fond of Sadie she will become in the months to come.  How could you not love that little bug eyed face?  She’s wearing a tuxedo, for heaven’s sake!


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