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Roxy the Sensitive Boston Terrier

I have never met a dog quite like Roxy, my little Boston terrier. She has the most sensitive stomach I have ever seen. Since my daughter is twelve now, it’s been a while since I used diaper wipes; until I brought Roxy home. It’s also been a long time since I’ve been interested in another creatures bowel movements; until I brought Roxy home.

I have read about how some rescue dogs have stomach issues because of the things they eat when they are in the wild. That might be the case but I’m thinking Roxy is just a sensitive dog. Right from the beginning, we had issues with Roxy and her digestive track. We’ve spent a lot of money at the vet and the pet store trying to figure out how to make her stomach settle down and produce solids.

I now realize what needs to be done. I can never change her food, any part of it, ever. If her particular dog food goes out of business, I will just have to stop feeding Roxy altogether. Of course, I’m kidding. Roxy is 99% chowhound and 1% Boston. She wouldn’t survive the afternoon without food.

Right now Roxy is eating Canidae hard dog food with Trader Joe’s organic chicken broth mixed in (along with some water) and Trader Joe’s peanut butter flavored dog treats as the occasional snack when she can’t possibly take another step before she dies of starvation. I firmly believe Trader Joe’s has saved my little dog’s belly. I will write them a letter, explaining in depth, the issues Roxy has and how Trader Joe’s has helped. They’ll appreciate that.

Don’t read any further if you don’t have a dog or a child. I’m a little surprised at how happy I am with Roxy’s bowel movements this past week! I will never stray from her food regiment again. I will never ‘accidentally’ drop cheese on the floor again. Today, when I dropped a couple of Cheetos on the floor, I dove down, knocked Roxy out of the way and carefully carried the now soiled Cheetos to the garbage. I will not willingly go back to faucet butt, Roxy, sorry.

I thought I was going to cry a little this morning after Roxy had finished her morning business. I actually picked it up without smearing it all over the grass. Those disc shaped stink zones on your lawn? Like crop circles from a poop monster? Those are from Roxy; but not this morning!

I have never been this happy about another creature’s constitutionals. I honestly can’t remember ever getting this excited about my daughter’s. But once you have experienced nothing but liquid, it’s nice to see something solid sitting on top of the grass. I never thought I’d write about doggy doo, that is, until I brought Roxy home.


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