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Could You Turn the Heat Up, Please?

I had to turn on my electric blanket last night, I was so cold. That’s not the worst part. We’ve had the electric blanket on our bed since we moved into the condo in November. Our sheets, the electric blanket, and our down comforter…all summer long. Janet and I are a lot of things. Hardy is not one of them.

The four of us went over to Lopez Island to camp a couple of weekends ago and you’d think we were going to the actual tundra to camp, the way we packed. We brought hats and scarves and more layers than we could count. If we owned ski jackets we probably would have taken them along.

I grew up in Seattle but I think the last twenty years in Las Vegas/Texas ruined me for cold weather. How does everyone survive out here? I don’t remember any stories, last winter, about anyone freezing to death but it has to happen a few times a year, right? I’ll toughen up, I’m sure I will.

Janet swears she’ll feel better once she starts having hot flashes. I think she’s the only woman I know who is looking forward to menopause. She’ll finally be warm. Janet sent me an email about travel deals to Iceland and I wanted to send it back with this response: ARE YOU CRAZY? My fingers are experiencing frostbite just thinking about a place called Iceland.

My new job, as a groundskeeper for the condos, was a joy when the sun was shining. Now that it is officially Fall (on the calendar and outside) I’m getting a little nervous about working outside. What if Janet or Jessie come home and find a Jenn-popsicle over by the cabana? Would they fight over who gets my polar fleece jackets (which Jessie wears as a jacket and Janet wears as layer two of five)?

I told the condo HOA I would work until the end of the year, but that’s a lot of cold weather time from now. How many layers can I wear and still move around? Or will I be like Maggie from the Simpsons? Don’t worry about me, though, I have my polar fleece, a real fireplace, and my electric blanket. It’s 6pm: is it too early to go to bed?



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Hello Junior High

Jessie started seventh grade the other day. Out here in our neck of the woods, seventh grade is the start of Junior High. I was so excited for her I spent the whole day wondering where she was at that precise moment. It’s 9:30, where in the world is Jessie? Is she in Math! I hope so…I love math! (Jessie not so much.)

Jessie is growing up so fast. She’s growing about two inches a week (seems like) and shedding clothes and shoes like she thinks they’re disposable. She’s growing so fast she’s almost as tall as me. It makes my heart ache, a little, to look at her now. I can see the woman she will become, in her face, and it floors me because she is still my little girl. She’s just not so little anymore.

I’ve started a new chapter in my life, too: I got a job! I didn’t mean to it just kind of happened to me. Since Janet and I bought our condo I joined the HOA board to become more involved in our community. When the groundskeeper left a couple of weeks ago the other board members asked if I wanted to take over for him and much to my surprise I said yes.

The first day was great: I walked over twenty three thousand steps and never felt better. The next day, man, my feet hurt! It’s taken me three weeks to adjust but now my body feels back to normal. I’m averaging about sixteen thousand steps a day, have gotten to know several new neighbors and I don’t wobble when I walk anymore.

I told the rest of the board members I’ll work until the end of the year and we’ll take it from there but this seems like a great job for me at this moment; funny how life works out sometimes. It’s a part time job, flexible, allows me to spend time with Roxy the Boston Terrier, and I’m able to still be involved with Jessie’s life because, at the moment, she still likes me. That could change at any moment…right along with her shoe size!


ps. I still consider myself a writer, it just became too hard to promote a book all by myself. I signed up with Bella books and they told me they would publish Blue Hydrangeas sometime in early spring. That’s a long time from now, from my point of view, and I haven’t been writing much lately. I just haven’t felt like it much. So, this new job is perfect for me: keeps me busy and out of trouble (Janet hopes) and when Bella does need me to do something…I’m ready!

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