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Roxy the Sensitive Boston Terrier

I have never met a dog quite like Roxy, my little Boston terrier. She has the most sensitive stomach I have ever seen. Since my daughter is twelve now, it’s been a while since I used diaper wipes; until I brought Roxy home. It’s also been a long time since I’ve been interested in another creatures bowel movements; until I brought Roxy home.

I have read about how some rescue dogs have stomach issues because of the things they eat when they are in the wild. That might be the case but I’m thinking Roxy is just a sensitive dog. Right from the beginning, we had issues with Roxy and her digestive track. We’ve spent a lot of money at the vet and the pet store trying to figure out how to make her stomach settle down and produce solids.

I now realize what needs to be done. I can never change her food, any part of it, ever. If her particular dog food goes out of business, I will just have to stop feeding Roxy altogether. Of course, I’m kidding. Roxy is 99% chowhound and 1% Boston. She wouldn’t survive the afternoon without food.

Right now Roxy is eating Canidae hard dog food with Trader Joe’s organic chicken broth mixed in (along with some water) and Trader Joe’s peanut butter flavored dog treats as the occasional snack when she can’t possibly take another step before she dies of starvation. I firmly believe Trader Joe’s has saved my little dog’s belly. I will write them a letter, explaining in depth, the issues Roxy has and how Trader Joe’s has helped. They’ll appreciate that.

Don’t read any further if you don’t have a dog or a child. I’m a little surprised at how happy I am with Roxy’s bowel movements this past week! I will never stray from her food regiment again. I will never ‘accidentally’ drop cheese on the floor again. Today, when I dropped a couple of Cheetos on the floor, I dove down, knocked Roxy out of the way and carefully carried the now soiled Cheetos to the garbage. I will not willingly go back to faucet butt, Roxy, sorry.

I thought I was going to cry a little this morning after Roxy had finished her morning business. I actually picked it up without smearing it all over the grass. Those disc shaped stink zones on your lawn? Like crop circles from a poop monster? Those are from Roxy; but not this morning!

I have never been this happy about another creature’s constitutionals. I honestly can’t remember ever getting this excited about my daughter’s. But once you have experienced nothing but liquid, it’s nice to see something solid sitting on top of the grass. I never thought I’d write about doggy doo, that is, until I brought Roxy home.


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Portland and Our Slightly Wacky Clocks

I seem to surround myself with unique and interesting things and people. Some are downright wacky. I think that’s why I love Portland, Oregon so much. It’s a pretty wacky place. Austin needs a sticker to point out how weird it is (Keep Austin Weird)…Portland just is weird; a sticker would be redundant.

Janet is spending a few days working down the road in Portland and she decided Roxy and I should drive down and visit. Since I love to travel, and Roxy just wants to be with her pack, we said sure! Road trip! Roxy was a little nervous at first, when I was packing the car, but once she realized she was coming too she relaxed and snored the whole trip down (did I mention most Boston Terriers snore a little? Roxy, on the other hand, snores a lot).

I drive pretty close to the speed limit but we still made great time to Portland; seems like a lot of people do work during the week. Traffic was light and I made it to the halfway potty pit stop in about an hour. I wasn’t there very long because when I opened the back door for Roxy, she took one look at the cold, wet weather and said, ‘no, thanks, I’m good right here in bed tucked in with my own personal leopard printed blankie.’ Life is hard for little Roxy now.

When Roxy and I finally arrived at the Aloft (very pet friendly and an all around great place to stay), I went to check in and was informed my name wasn’t on the reservation. When the very nice lady at the front desk asked what my dog’s name was I said ‘Roxy’. The even friendlier guy said, ‘oh, Roxy’s name is on the reservation.’

Really? Janet made sure to mention Roxy and didn’t bother to put her human companion’s name in the computer?  (Insert by Janet: I did put Jenn’s name on the reservation; they must have lost it somehow.) Hmmm…that sounds a little wacky to me. Roxy has a free pass…I have to get my own room. Wait a minute…my own room.

After calling Janet to confirm I wasn’t a thief with an adorable dog in tow, I was allowed access to the room to drop off all my things. As you can imagine, since I drove, I brought just about everything with me. I brought enough books and magazines for a month because you just never know what you’ll be in the mood to read, I believe. My mood changes from moment to moment.

Yesterday, when I reminded Jessie about my upcoming trip to Portland she was upset she couldn’t go. I had to explain about the importance of school and responsibilities and she replied, “Mom, school is really holding me back. Imagine how much I could learn out in the real world.” To which I replied, “Be quiet and get ready for school. Don’t try tricking me with your logic.”

We went upstairs and Jessie said, “Mom, I thought you said it was 8:20.”

“It is 8:20.”

“Then why does our bathroom clock say 8:29?”

For the past few months, our ‘precise’ satellite clocks have occasionally malfunctioned a tiny bit. We have two: one downstairs above the fireplace, for all to see, and one in the upstairs shared bath for Jessie to watch in the mornings while she’s getting ready for that life stunting thing we call school.

They won’t be off by much, and it usually only lasts for a day, but it’s enough to throw you off if you’re not careful.  Take this morning, for example. It was running nine minutes fast and it insisted it was Sunday instead of Thursday. I’m glad Jessie didn’t notice it said Sunday! Instead of annoying me, I find it endearing and quirky.  I have days like that too, those days where I’m feeling not quite right but a good night sleep usually does the trick.

“Mom, are you having a conversation with yourself?”

“Oh! Sorry! What was your question?”

“Why is the clock off?”

“I don’t know. It’s just something it does now, every once in a while, so just know you have an extra ten minutes.”

“That’s weird.”

“Yes, it is.”

Jessie shook her head and focused her attention back to the mirror with ten more minutes to vogue. I turned to go and she said, “I guess the clock fits in with this family, right, Mom?”

“Yes. Yes it does.”


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Places to Eat in Seattle

I’ve been spending some time in the Seattle Center area, lately, and I try to be good with our self imposed budgetary limitations, but I’ve checked out a few restaurants on the sly. I enjoy walking around the Center; Roxy does too if it’s not raining or cold (she hates those two together). Luckily for Rox, it’s rarely wet and cold in the great Pacific Northwest during the winter!

The Seattle Center is much more interesting and diverse than I remember from my youth. There’s a lot to see and do there such as the impressive Space Needle (I do remember that part), KeyArena (where the Seattle Storm shoot hoops), Pacific Science Center, numerous museums and stages and the Experience Music Project. I’m not sure what the EMP building is supposed to represent but it kinda looks like Godzilla spit his gum out in the parking lot. I hope there weren’t any innocent bystanders when he hocked that up.


Also on the 74 acre grounds of the Center is a place called the Armory. It’s a food court now with a number of local eating establishments. There’s a Subway and Starbucks, too, in case you missed the other ten located within a two mile radius. My favorite spot in the Armory is a place called Pie. It creates sweet and savory varieties of small, portable, tasty pies. Janet and I went to Pie one Friday night and had a Cauliflower and Cheddar pie with a baby Key Lime pie for dessert. I will definitely go back and try some of their other choices as I love meat pies and most things with ‘key lime’ in the title.

Pho Viet Anh

I’ve been meaning to try a Vietnamese sandwich for ages and finally got around to it a couple of Fridays ago. I didn’t know what to expect, I’m not a very adventurous eater, but I enjoyed the food and ambiance. No frills and tiny, the restaurant envelops you when you first walk in and gave me a warm and homey feeling.  We ordered a pork sandwich and I fell in love with the vegetables and bread. The pork was almost an afterthought, on my part, and next time I think I’ll order the vegetarian option. I’m not sure what they did to make the veggies taste so darn good but Janet and I have been thinking about them for days. I know, right! That never happens with veggies.

Pagliacci Pizza

No food list of mine would be complete without a pizza entry. This is one food type all three of us agree on (and if we let Roxy eat pizza, four). At Pagliacci’s you can buy pizza by the slice, a budget friendly way for everyone to eat pizza at the same time without having to buy three entire pies. I must admit, I really like Pagliacci for their freshly tossed Caesar salad. I can think of no better way of eating lettuce than to smother it in Caesar dressing and throw in large chunks of bread disguised as croutons. The tri-nivore in me loves a slice of pepperoni pizza with a side of salad. Tri-nivore: a person who eats meat, fruits and veggies and, my favorite, carbs.

If you ever find yourself in the Seattle area, check out these restaurants and definitely stroll around the Seattle Center to collect your ten thousand steps per day. On most Wednesdays, Roxy and I can be found walking around the area. Unless it’s raining and cold then forget it.


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What a Wicked Winter I’ve Had and a Few Updates

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sick since the winter solstice. My general blah feeling came to a head last week when I crawled into bed on Monday night and didn’t come back out until I went to pick up Janet at the airport Thursday morning. On Friday, I finally had the energy to sit upright and work on my jigsaw puzzle. I was so exhausted, after an hour or so, I had to go back to bed for a while.

I still feel blah and tired but I’m having moments of activity where I’ll jump up and vacuum or do laundry or some other crazy lifestyle choice. I’m happy Jessie has Monday and Tuesday off from school. We can stay up late and sleep till we can’t sleep no more! in the morning. At least until Roxy the Boston wakes us up.


Originally, we’d planned on changing Roxy’s name to Sadie because (I thought) we all agreed we didn’t like the name Roxy. Jessie informed me, when we were going over to pick up our newest family member, that she thought the dog looked more like a Roxy than a Sadie. So, now we own a dog, or the other way around, whose name is Roxy The RockStar, The being her middle name.

She’s fitting in quite nicely seeing as how she’s a little chow hound like the rest of us. You’d think we had nothing better to do than eat, or plan our next meal, or plan tomorrow’s meals. Speaking of that, Janet is coming home today and bringing me the world’s most delicious sandwich from Cafeteria 15L in Sacramento California. I skipped my first dinner so I could truly enjoy the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich during my second dinner or The Fourth Meal of the Day (not including snacks).

Roxy is doing her job, as far as making me get up off my butt several times a day. So far this week I’ve had two days over ten thousand steps which is great considering last week, my sick week, I had eighteen thousand steps total. I’m crawling back up to quasi-healthy status. Roxy and I walked for a solid mile and a half, earlier this afternoon and I’m pretty sure Roxy could have kept going if I’d let her.


I love math. I appear to be, at least in my little family, alone with my passion for algebra and calculus. How can you not like imaginary numbers? I’ve been reading, over the past year or so, about these websites you can join and take classes for free and one of the websites usually listed is Coursera.

I finally got around to checking out Coursera and I’m pleasantly surprised by their course offerings. They have a little over two hundred courses available in Biology, Computer Science, Nutrition, Psychology, Finance, Business…the list goes on. They also offer courses in math, if you like that kind of crap (to quote Janet).

I’ve signed up for Algebra (a class I’ve taken many times but, surprisingly, I don’t retain much of it in my real life), a film class and a psychology class. I’m not getting credit for the them, but I just love the idea of taking a class offered by a real university for free: my favorite four letter f-word. I’m also thinking I should take advantage of the free status before the universities come to their senses and start charging people for them.

Book Two

I’m this close (just imagine my fingers very close together) to sending my newest manuscript to the editor. I think Janet and I will go over it one more time before we put our seal of approval on it.  It really does help to read your work out loud. You’d be surprised how much better something sounds in your head. When you read it out loud you realize, oh, that’s awkward.

I’ve noticed that a lot during the course of my life. Many a times I’ve had a thought and imagined, ‘that’s going to make me sound wise and worldly!’ When I actually say it, though, I think, ‘nope. That was just stupid. Sounded much better in my head.’

Book Two of the Vancouver Series, Alex’s Story, should be available for download by March first, on Amazon and Smashwords, unless I do something crazy like find a real publisher.


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Roxy the Boston Terrier

I think it’s finally going to happen.  I’m going to get a dog. Like my Grandmother used to say: I’m so excited I could just spit. I won’t, though. Her name is Roxy and she is a 21 pound Boston terrier. Janet isn’t thrilled with the idea but Jessie and I can’t wait to adopt her. Think of all the shopping we can do.  Just don’t tell our budget.

I won’t bore you with the whole story of how I found Roxy but I learned of her through Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue.  They’re a great organization who helps dogs relocate, not from a kennel or shelter, but through volunteers who donate time and money to care for dogs in their own homes.  I didn’t necessarily want a purebred dog, and I’m sure they foster non-purebreds, but it just seemed to work out this way.

Originally, I wanted to go to a shelter and pick out a cute little dog that couldn’t live without me but realized it might be better adopting from someone who’s lived with the dog for a while.  I had visions of leaving the dog and having her bark nonstop in my condo.  That would probably be more annoying, to my neighbors, than a pre-teen cackling uncontrollably while watching A.N.T. Farm on the Disney channel.

Jessie and I went to meet Roxy earlier tonight and I think Jessie fell in love with her immediately.  Roxy’s so small and cute, she’s portable size, how could she not fall in love with her? I myself am holding off on adoration until I can pick her up in a couple of weeks.

There’s one thing all three of us can agree on: we don’t like the name Roxy. I’ve always thought of Roxy as a good stripper name and Roxy the dog does not look like a stripper what with the tuxedo she’s wearing.  Jessie wanted to name her Bear but Janet and I said no, she’s definitely not a bear.  I googled ‘popular pet names’ and we had a ball going over all the names.

We decided to keep the new name similar to the old sound wise so when Jessie suggested Monkey (it does end like Roxy) I had to tell her, “but what would we call you then JessieMonkey? If we said ‘come here, Monkey, you’d both come running.”  Jessie had to agree with us so we each made a list of our three favorite female dog names.

There were two major rules to renaming Roxy: her new name had to be on everyone’s list and we had to all be happy with the choice.  Some of the names not making the cut: Cinnamon, Missy, Heidi, Maggie Mae, and about 20 more Jessie picked saying, “Oh!  I like that one!”  The name we chose: Sadie.

So, Sadie the Boston terrier will be joining our little family in the next few days.  Jessie and I are thrilled and Janet is still coming home on the weekends which is probably all I can hope for at this point.  Janet just doesn’t realize how fond of Sadie she will become in the months to come.  How could you not love that little bug eyed face?  She’s wearing a tuxedo, for heaven’s sake!


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