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For The Love of Sports!

Things are really heating up now, for us baseball and football fans.  I’m just beside myself with joy over the prospect of watching a few baseball games in the coming season.  Janet bought me a gift card for the Mariners for Christmas and we went and picked our games.  We’re going to see a game in May and one in September.  I can’t wait.

I’m also very excited about Matt Flynn becoming a Seahawk.  One thing the Seahawks need – out of many things – is consistency.  We need a quarterback who is good, not just someone who has “flashes of brilliance”.  I’ve come to realize this is French for “sometimes he’s great, but most of the time he sucks.”

I don’t know much about Flynn, just that he was a backup in Green Bay for a few years.  Hmmm…why does that sound familiar?  I’ll have to Google him and see what his deal is.  I did hear he has only started two games but he had a bunch of passing yards in those two games.  I’ve got my fingers crossed; and my eyes; and my legs.

During the Manning lottery, I saw a sentence with Peyton Manning and the Seahawks together and I swear I had a tiny stroke.  That would push me right over the edge…and make it impossible to go see a game.  It’s such a lovely stadium.  I really enjoyed myself the one game we saw last season.  It seems like I don’t have to worry about that problem: Manning decided on the Broncos.

I’ve mellowed over the years.  Just hearing about the Broncos, or Elway for that matter, no longer makes me grimace.  Okay, hearing Elway’s name does make me grimace just a little.  I actually enjoyed watching the Broncos, and Tebow, this past season; at least in the fourth quarter.  Hey, maybe Tebow could play for the Seahawks behind Flynn.  The coaches can put him in during the fourth quarter.  We would be unbeatable.

I feel bad for Tim Tebow.  The sportscasters are now talking about the Broncos “getting rid” of Tebow like he’s a boil on the backside of the Broncos.  I’ve also heard talk of putting Tim on the “trading block” and I picture him strutting up and down the catwalk while swarms of delirious evangelical daughters (and their fathers) bid on him like he’s something to be bought and sold.

It would be very nice if the Broncos kept Manning and Tebow.  Manning could take Timmy under his mighty wing and teach him how to be a truly great quarterback.  Take him back to the basics and learn some things like footwork and how to throw a football so people can catch it.  You know, the little things.

I’m really looking forward to baseball.  I know the season lasts about 9 months, but it seems like so long ago when the Mariner’s said goodbye to their season.  Oh right, they said that in July or August.  It has been a while.  We won’t talk about the Red Sox.  That was last year; this is a whole new season.

When I’m retired – technically, I’m a writer – I will visit every ballpark in the country and buy a baseball and store it in one of those cute baseball displays.  Every ballpark except for the Yankees.  I’ve mellowed on my opinion of the Broncos, but I have yet to mellow on my dislike of the Yankees.  I think that’s why I like Janet so much.  She doesn’t have any good feelings about them Damn Yankees either.


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Be Honest: How Would You Describe Yourself?

Janet and I were talking the other day about the sometimes unpleasant side effect of increasing a person’s daily fiber intake.  It takes your intestines a while to adjust from squishy white bread to sprouty grainy healthy bread.  It takes your taste buds even longer.  I won’t bore you with the details just know it takes your stomach AT LEAST two weeks to adjust.

Coincidentally, Janet and I started “Karen’s” second challenge a little over two weeks ago and one of the challenges was to increase our whole grain consumption.  If it wasn’t for Sun Chips and Frosted Mini Wheats, I don’t know how we would get by.  I think this is Janet’s least favorite challenge but I still have to say the fruits and veggies challenge is my least favorite.  I can hear the “healthy people” really laughing at us right about now.

So, Janet and I were talking about the consequences of our eating actions and I thought it was the funniest conversation.  If I was sitting at the next table over at Starbucks listening to that conversation I would think, “Those people should be thankful they have each other, I can’t imagine anyone else could love them, let alone be in the same room with them.  Hmm…what’s that smell?”

Anyhoo, it started me thinking.  I am grateful Janet loves me because I couldn’t imagine anyone else putting up with me.  What if I had to put a personal ad out there, looking for someone to date me, and what if I had to be honest?  What would that look like?

Middle aged woman looking for a little loving!  But not for too long…menopause is just around the corner.  I’m only middle aged if I make it to 86 and at my bodies rate of deterioration I don’t see that happening, sorry.  I’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle; one which makes me fragrant and a little crampy.  I’m sure that will pass though.  Literally.  One of my best physical features are my feet.  Did you ever watch The Flinstones?  My feet look just like that.  Yeah, like Fred’s!  Although, they do differ in the fact I don’t remember Fred’s as hairy as mine.  A great trait, out of many, is the inability to remember things.  So, if you want someone who’s flaky, who MIGHT remember to pick up your dry cleaning; I’m the one for you!  Life with me would be adventurous: I might be there when you get home…I might have wondered off!  Who knows where I might be!  And the best part?  I can only see me getting better as I get older.  What was I talking about?

Wow, when I put it like that, I’m not surprised I have a death grip on Janet.  What crazy person would answer that ad?  Of course, if it were truly an ad we could doctor it up.  I could just say something about my being a healthy middle-aged woman with an adventurous streak who resembles a famous person.  That’s not too much of a lie.  Not too much of the truth, either.


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Updates on Life

I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with my legions of fans.  Okay, I’m done laughing now.  I wanted people to get to know me, Jenn, as a person (just in case I do have fans at some point) and I hope I’ve done okay so far.  You know some of the things I like and don’t like; some things I struggle with and some things which amuse me.  I also wanted to give updates on the progression of my first book – I am supposed to be a “writer”, you know.

The first book is looking great, if I do say so myself; and I have.  My editor MaryEd sent me her first draft and I just sent it back to her, for further revisions, a few minutes ago.  I call her MaryEd, because my daughter’s best friend’s mother’s name is Mary and I don’t like to be confused.  You’d think I would be used to the confused state by now, but no.  I thought “Mary, the Editor” was way too formal, so MaryEd it is.

MaryEd seems to like the book too and I’m thinking good thoughts about it now.  I’m trying not to get too excited about the book; I would hate to jinx myself, but I really like how it looks. It looks nothing like the first draft, I can tell you that much.  I think Janet was, in the beginning, a little worried about her declaration of support for two years while I tried my pen at writing.  I hope she feels a little better now, after reading a bit of the revision.

Janet and I have a meeting set up with a graphic designer for the formatting and cover art work this weekend.  I believe that will be the final piece of the puzzle before we can self publish.  My goal of having the book published by the end of April looks to be very doable now.  I’m actually planning on heading down to California to spend the month of May with Janet before we move to Oregon for the summer.  That way I can knock out the first draft of the second book and have that book published by the end of the year!  Yippee!

My daughter Jessie and I plan on writing a book together this summer.  That should be a lot of fun.  We’ll just stick that in between book two’s first and second drafts.  I’ll just put book two on the back burner for a month or two.  That way the first time I pick up book two’s first draft it will be with fresh eyes.  And by fresh I mean “make the book better” eyes.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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