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Our Giant TV

Janet and I now own two TVs. I’m not really sure how this happened but we now have the spare TV in our bedroom. This is helpful when I want to watch Orphan Black and Janet hasn’t caught up with me yet because she attached herself to Apple while I jumped all in with Amazon.

Janet and I always talk big about these farfetched plans we have for ourselves. For instance, every time we rent a car we enjoy we talk like we are going to run out and buy one. We never do but you wouldn’t know that by listening to us talk. The only time we’ve ever talked the talk and actually walked the walk is with the giant TV we bought.

It was the smartTV part which pushed us over the edge from dreaming of a big obnoxious TV to bank account draining reality. I love the idea of being able to stream a movie or TV show on my time and not strapped to my couch on a certain day at a specific time. Mother Nature doesn’t help either: being sunny until 9pm or later (here in Seattle) doesn’t scream ‘Hey! Go inside and watch some TV!’ to me.

We started talking about buying a new smartTV a couple of years ago but never actually pulled the trigger. A few months ago, right before Superbowl Sunday, we got serious. We wanted to get rid of cable and decided buying a new TV would help. Our old TV would freeze up, when watching TV on an antenna, so we decided a TV built in this decade might help with this problem. It didn’t, we still have cable, but that’s another story.

Janet and I did the research, went to Costco repeatedly to test drive the TVs, and watched the ads every week for the right deal to come along. The TV which seemed to be the best of the lower end TVs, a 70” behemoth, was deemed too big for our little condo. We found the 60” version on sale at Fred Meyers (Freddy’s to locals) and went out to take a look.

Sixty inches sounded like a huge TV – our old one is 32” – but when we saw it in the store it looked pretty normal to us. In hindsight, our naiveté is adorable. A sixty inch TV on display in a warehouse amongst other, sometimes much bigger, TVs might give the impression of being small. It is not small, however, in a two story 1300 square foot condo.

We were so proud of ourselves when we made our purchase. We’re normally all bark and no bite but this time we sure took a bite out of our savings account! (Uh oh, I think I just heard Janet fainting again.) The helpful electronics worker, Todd, brought out our TV and it looked a little big but we decided the packaging added several inches to both sides.

When Todd called for two other employees to help get the TV to our car we were a little concerned, but decided it was a slow night and they needed something to do. I went and got the Prius and brought her up to the front door. When they wheeled the TV next to the Prius my first thought was, ‘hmmm…they’re the same size.’

The TV did fit in the car, a nice snug fit with the back seats down, and we were on our way home. We could even shut the hatchback without tying it down…see, it’s not so big! When we brought the TV into the condo, that’s when we realized the enormity of our purchase. I could hear Janet mutter, ‘I hope there’s a lot of packaging on this thing.’ We left the TV in the box overnight hoping it wouldn’t be as big as we feared. It was.

In the morning we opened the box and realized, no, not much packaging going on there. We hung it on the wall, not an easy feat I might add, and sat down to stare at the screen. We didn’t watch anything just sat there saying, ‘Did you know it would be this big?’ ‘Is this really only 60”?’ ‘I can’t believe you bought such a big TV, Jenn.’

Two months after our giant TV purchase Jesse said, ‘I think I’m getting used to the TV, Mom, it’s not as obnoxiously big as it used to be.” Good, that was the look I was going for, Jesse. Thanks for that. So, let this be a lesson to you. Everything in Costco looks small. 60” is five feet. That’s like hanging your medium sized kid on the wall. Or your mother-in-law. The picture looks much better, though.


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Hello Normal! Nice To See You Again

It’s been a long time since anyone has called me normal.  I’ve been told, ‘that’s pretty normal for you,’ mostly by Janet, but I don’t think normal is a word she’s used to describe me.  In my defense, what exactly is normal?  I’m guessing my normal is much different from your normal.

I wasn’t acting normal this past December when I decided to go to my primary doctor for a checkup.  I can’t remember the last time I went for a general checkup.  Usually, when I get a wild hair they don’t involve doctors or hospitals; at least not at first.

I like this new doctor of mine. She seems very kind and concerned about my well being.  She scheduled all kinds of tests for me: a mammogram, a hearing test, blood tests, pap smear, booster shots…the list went on and on.  I finally had to say, ‘whoa, doctor, I just came in to make sure I won’t drop dead if I start jogging again. I don’t know if I’m ready to be that healthy.’

She sent me right downstairs to the hospital to schedule my mammogram and I thought she was going to escort me herself. You don’t trust little ol’ me, doctor?  I went for my mammogram and was told if there was an issue they would call me and if my test results were normal they would send me a letter via snail mail.

I was on pins and needles the first day after my test just waiting for the phone to ring.  But it didn’t ring that next day or the day after that.  I received a letter a few days later stating everything was normal with my test.  I was shocked.  I sat down at my desk, called Janet immediately and told her, ‘Janet!  Parts of me are normal and I have it in writing!”  I’ve decided to keep that piece of paper just in case someone has any questions about me being normal.

I’ve had issues with my hearing lately so I went to have a hearing test.  After the test, it was determined I have a slight hearing loss in my right ear in the lower tones and my left ear is fine.  I was shocked.  I went home, called Janet and told her, ‘my hearing is fine…you and Jessie mumble.  My left ear is normal!”

Janet flew in early today so we could go over to Bellevue for Costco’s annual shareholder’s meeting (I’m the proud owner of 2.97 shares, thank you) and it was really interesting.  They had all kinds of foods, drinks and various freebies to hand out.  We walked by a booth with free bone density scans and Janet wanted to get hers checked but I told her I wasn’t interested.

The nice nurse talked me into sitting down and rolling down my sock to check my left foot.  I was shocked when she told me my bone density was so good I was almost off the charts. My bones were better than normal: they were the equivalent of a 20-somethings.  Wow.  I’ve got normal throughout my body now.

I haven’t gone in to have my blood tested or my yearly exam so I don’t know how normal those parts will be but I do know my boobs, left ear and bones are completely normal.  And I have it all in writing. Hi normal. Nice to see you again.  How have you been?


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