Could You Turn the Heat Up, Please?

I had to turn on my electric blanket last night, I was so cold. That’s not the worst part. We’ve had the electric blanket on our bed since we moved into the condo in November. Our sheets, the electric blanket, and our down comforter…all summer long. Janet and I are a lot of things. Hardy is not one of them.

The four of us went over to Lopez Island to camp a couple of weekends ago and you’d think we were going to the actual tundra to camp, the way we packed. We brought hats and scarves and more layers than we could count. If we owned ski jackets we probably would have taken them along.

I grew up in Seattle but I think the last twenty years in Las Vegas/Texas ruined me for cold weather. How does everyone survive out here? I don’t remember any stories, last winter, about anyone freezing to death but it has to happen a few times a year, right? I’ll toughen up, I’m sure I will.

Janet swears she’ll feel better once she starts having hot flashes. I think she’s the only woman I know who is looking forward to menopause. She’ll finally be warm. Janet sent me an email about travel deals to Iceland and I wanted to send it back with this response: ARE YOU CRAZY? My fingers are experiencing frostbite just thinking about a place called Iceland.

My new job, as a groundskeeper for the condos, was a joy when the sun was shining. Now that it is officially Fall (on the calendar and outside) I’m getting a little nervous about working outside. What if Janet or Jessie come home and find a Jenn-popsicle over by the cabana? Would they fight over who gets my polar fleece jackets (which Jessie wears as a jacket and Janet wears as layer two of five)?

I told the condo HOA I would work until the end of the year, but that’s a lot of cold weather time from now. How many layers can I wear and still move around? Or will I be like Maggie from the Simpsons? Don’t worry about me, though, I have my polar fleece, a real fireplace, and my electric blanket. It’s 6pm: is it too early to go to bed?




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4 responses to “Could You Turn the Heat Up, Please?

  1. digitalgranny

    It is getting cold and damp here on the coast too. I have officially turned on the heat. Fall is here.

  2. Thank you for bringing a smile into my solitude of wilderness living. I am the direct opposite because when I visit my son in Texas in December it is way too warm. Guess you just get used to cool weather when most of the winter at 20-30 below zero.

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