Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I just love this time of year.  I love the idea of sitting around in my jammies, watching movies and eating Janet’s world famous popcorn, reading books, and playing games.  Usually, I call that day ‘Saturday’ or ‘Sunday’, but at this time of year, I call it Christmas.

Jessie decided, since it’s so close to Christmas, to come down with a cold.  She’s feeling much better now, but she sounded absolutely awful a couple of days ago.  She was feeling so bad she actually wanted to sleep in the same bed with her mom.  On purpose.  Not in a hotel room.

Here was my (poor, sick) baby girl I remember from back in the day.  She was so cute: all red and puffy, snotty and coughing up a storm.  I don’t like it when she’s really sick, I want so badly to make her feel better, but it does have a nice side effect: she spends 2 minutes in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, rather than her usually 90 minutes or so.

Two nights ago, Jessie turned out her light before me (never happens), rolled over to look at me and said:

Jessie: Mom.

Me: Yes, my dear sweet little girl.  (I rolled over so my smiling face was mere inches from hers)

Jessie: Please don’t call me that.

Me: Okay!  Sorry!  Yes, Jessie.

Jessie:  Are you going to wash the sheets before Janet comes home?

Me: Yes, of course I will.

Jessie: Good, because I would hate for Janet to get my horrible cold.

Me:  Yes, that would be terrible.  How sweet and thoughtful of you, Jess.

Jessie: Mmmm.  (Then she proceeded to sneeze in my face.)

Me: Oh, my.

Jessie: Do you need a Kleenex, Mom?

Me: No, thanks, my face caught all that one.  Yes, I would hate for Janet to get sick.

Jessie: Me too.

The joys of being a parent: the uplifting elation when your kids do amazing and generous things and the fall back to earth when you realize they didn’t mean it like that.  That’s okay, maybe I just see things differently than some people, maybe I’m just being too hard on her; I’m not feeling my best at the moment.

I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a magical New Year.  I have a great feeling about 2013; I think this will be our best year yet!

Here’s to learning something new, reading a beloved book yet again, increasing your household net worth, and saving up for something you’ve long wanted.  To finally getting a monkey off your back, doing something silly just because, laughing in all the right places, telling a joke all the way to the end without screwing up, and sharing moments with the ones you love.   And please…please…if your sick child rolls over to talk to you, roll the other way or put on a face shield.  Trust me, sniffle… cough.



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