I’m Very Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don’t know about you, but I’m filled to the brim with things I’m thankful for, such as:

Janet and Jessie: Without whom life wouldn’t be worth much.  They make everything better, kinda like butter.

Family and Friends: Near and far, new and long term; always surround yourself with good people.  It reflects well on you.  I, for one, can use more of that.

Our Country: Of all the places to give birth to a daughter, the USA is one of the best.

My Life: Some might look back on my life and see mistakes I’ve made.  Those people would be wrong.  I wouldn’t change a thing in my past because all those choices have led me to this very spot and this very moment.  I wouldn’t change places with anyone out there, not for anything.

Newspapers: I’m old school, I can’t help it.  I want to support the local paper and I think our Budge understands.  Plus, the Seattle Times has Wordsearch, Sudoku, and KenKen!  Janet loved today’s paper: it was filled with an ad from every store in a hundred mile radius.

Movies: I just love movies.  I love going to a theater and immersing myself in a story other than my own.  Janet and I just went, this morning, to see Skyfall and loved it!  I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond, hands down.  Sorry Mom, Sean Connery was before my time.

Cooking early for Thanksgiving:  Janet starts the cooking process a few days before Thanksgiving, so on the actual day, we can sit around, eat leftovers, and catch up on our Hulu TV watching.

Books: Where would we be without books?  I love them.  I love to visit libraries. I’ve held a library card in every city I’ve been. I love to wander around used bookstores and immerse myself in words and images.

Coffee:  I grew up in Seattle so you’d think my first encounter with a cup of coffee would have been at Starbucks.  That’s not true.  I didn’t start drinking coffee until I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  True story.  My favorite part of Sunday mornings?  CBS Sunday Morning TV show, the Sunday paper, and a full pot of coffee.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  What are you thankful for?



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