To Be or Not To Be (Fit)

Janet and I have decided something important: enough is enough.  We are bound and determined to become healthier, even if it kills us.  We looked up, past our sugar glazed eyes, past the snack wrappers and crumbs forming our outlines on the ground, and didn’t like what we saw.

All joking aside (just for the moment), Janet and I had gotten incredibly lazy.  While we haven’t gained much weight, we’ve lost what little muscle mass we were clinging to, before we came to California, and now have no stamina when it comes to anything resembling cardio activity.

It boils down to this: do we want to be fit (we’ll never be Jillian fit, but I would like to walk up a flight of stairs without sounding like an asthmatic running in the middle of a wildfire) or do we want to be lazy and unhealthy (since I’m inherently lazy, I’m leaning toward the latter but Janet, bless her little heart, is leaning toward the former)?

After much debate, and many cheeseburgers and ice cream sandwiches, Janet and I decided to make a choice, because, really, life is all about choices: we want to live long and healthy lives.  If we sit in front of the TV most nights, doing nothing but walking to and from the fridge that is a choice we are making.

Another choice would be to go down to the gym and walk on the treadmill while watching our favorite shows or, better yet, jog on the treadmill while watching TV.  I’ve learned I can get through an entire magazine in one sitting if I just go down and use the stationary bicycle while I read it.

We started off slow figuring walking on the treadmill is a good start before we moved ourselves outside.  (Because hey, look! the ground moves for me on a treadmill.)  Our main goal was to work our way up to jogging an entire 5k and what’s the best way for us to get serious about jogging?  That’s right.  We need to spend a little money as an incentive.

We signed up for a jingle bell run to be held in the Seattle area the first weekend in December.  I know we’ll take this seriously because Janet and I really don’t like embarrassing ourselves in front of other people.  You’d think we’d be used to it by now, what with all the practice, but it’s just not true.

I thought, when we first started our attempts at jogging, there’s no way I’ll be able to jog for 3 solid miles without stopping for multiple breaks but then Janet had a brilliant idea.  Janet works with a group of ladies who have thoroughly embraced the idea of running.  Why don’t we join them while we’re here in Sactown?

Since I got the distinct impression this was a rhetorical question, I said YES, let’s definitely do that!  Then she explained their schedule which included running laps at a local high school track on Tuesdays and running stairs in a local parking garage on Thursdays.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

We’ve gone with them now for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say I don’t like to jog.  Janet’s co-workers love it and are really great at it, they are an inspiration to me every time I see them running, but it’s not my favorite thing to do.  However, I can say how much I enjoy how it makes me feel when I stop.

I wish I could truly express how much better I feel when I spend several hours a week jogging versus when I don’t but I’ll try.  Just walking up the two flights of stairs to my room is becoming easier to do; most times I don’t even think about it now.  Going for a walk is so much easier and not something to dread anymore (we used to walk a lot, but not recently).

When I’m writing, or walking down to the gym, or going to get the mail, or just sitting around watching TV, I feel so much more alive now than I did before.  I feel my body changing and I feel and look stronger through my posture and mental attitude.  I feel more in control and my confidence in myself has grown over the past few weeks.

I know how easy it is to fall off the workout wagon, but I will try my hardest to keep on the straight and narrow path.  I don’t want to lose this feeling because, once it fades, it’s hard to remember what it felt like.  I’ve now incorporated working out into my life; it’s just another item on my daily list of things to do.  If I can hold onto my new habit, I can do just about anything.

We’re putting off doing the stairs until tomorrow night because the Seahawks are playing tonight.  So, if you happen to watch any of the game, realize that I’m watching the game with you.  I’ll be watching from the gym, jogging on the treadmill, hootin’ and hollerin’ at the screen.  Where will you be?  Go Seahawks!



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  1. Karyn

    Keep it up Jenn. Everytime you think about skippin’ a workout (and you can always skip as a workout), remember how you feel after and how you’re that much closet to that goal.

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