Sundays, Happiness, and Retirement

Yesterday was almost a perfect day in Jenn’s World.  First off, I just love Sundays, especially during football season.  I spend most of my week pretending to be busy and industrious, it is incredibly tiring, but I throw away that façade on Sunday morning.

Yesterday, Janet and I got up late, the best way to start a Sunday, and went out to an area called Apple Hills near Placerville, CA.  If you’re ever in Sacramento in the fall and you suddenly decide, ‘Hey!  Let’s go to Lake Tahoe!’, please stop by this area about 45 minutes east of Sactown.  I can’t even begin to express how much fun we had.

In the Apple Hill area, there are over 50 farms with specialties in Christmas trees, various berries, a spa, wineries, breweries, and…you guessed it…apples!  As you can imagine, the 3 orchards we visited sold all kinds of things made from apples: apple cider, apple sauce, pies, cakes and our personal favorite: the apple cider doughnut.  Yum.

We spent the morning strolling through the trees, perusing the apples and pears, buying Christmas presents (which is just around the corner for those of you keeping track), and eating our way into nirvana.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.

We made it home in time to spend the afternoon watching football.  Now, this would have been a perfect day had we been able to watch the Seahawks game on our TV, but it wasn’t meant to be.  We could have gone to a sports bar to watch the game, but we didn’t want to spend the money (curse you, Budge!).

Since Janet is from the New England area (Connecticut is one of the original 13), I always enjoy watching the Patriots and Seahawks play.  It usually doesn’t end well for the Seahawks; but it ended well on Sunday!  Janet will always root for New England, she has to, it’s on her birth certificate, but I think she’s finally starting to enjoy watching the Seahawks play.

I’d like to think it’s because I sit on her and force her to watch the games, but I have a sneaking suspicion Janet really likes the new quarterback: Russell Wilson.  I’m rather fond of him myself.  I’m so thrilled the Seahawks are 4-2.  We could lose next week and still be above .500; how often does that happen?!

Today, to spread cream cheese frosting on the delicious red velvet cupcake of a day I had yesterday, I went to CVS and Walgreens and spent $21.01 on several items, and saved $42.83 on those same items!  Nothing gets my small cold heart chirping with delight faster than saving twice as much as I spent.

Now Budge is lovin’ on me.  I try and keep track of sales and coupons but it’s hard when you’re as busy as I am.  You have no idea how much time it takes to look and act this busy.  I do know this: when I track my spending, I’m much more likely to use coupons on sale items and I’m one small step closer to the ever elusive retirement for Janet.



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