Lebron James vs Kevin Durant

Right off the bat, I just want to say I’m not much of a basketball fan.  They run around and sweat way too much for me.  My preferred sport is baseball followed, very closely, by football.  Sports with long mellow periods interrupted with short bursts of crazy energy.  Kinda like me!

I found myself watching some of the basketball finals because I’d heard so much about the matchup between Lebron and Kevin and wanted to see a little myself (I hope they don’t mind if I use their first names).  I did a bit of research on the two, during the game, and it seems Lebron isn’t liked by many people and I couldn’t find anything bad written about Kevin.

I don’t know Lebron or Kevin at all, but my perception of them seems to follow closely with the opinions of many other people and I wondered why.  Since I don’t know them at all, why would I perceive to like Kevin and dislike Lebron?  Maybe it has to do with how they approach life and the personas they project for others to see.

Basketball:  They’re both terrific basketball players, no one can dispute those facts.  Lebron didn’t even pretend to go to college like Kevin did.  Lebron went right from high school to Cleveland where they treated him like a God.  Not only was he a gifted player but he grew up in Akron!

You can’t really blame Lebron for leaving Cleveland, he honestly didn’t feel the team had the drive and desire to win championships, and that’s exactly what Lebron wants.  He wants to be a champion in the record books.

I read a Q&A when Lebron signed the 3 year deal and the question was: Will Lebron leave Cleveland after the 3 years is up?  The answer in a nutshell?  He will leave if he’s not supported during those 3 years but he would be stupid to leave because he is a GOD in Cleveland.

Lebron didn’t feel supported so he left, I understand that part.  But the part where he holds a news conference in Miami, on live television, and calls it “The Decision”?  I don’t understand that part at all.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “don’t burn any bridges”?  Maybe Lebron hasn’t heard that one because he didn’t even bother to do the ‘one and done’.

If Lebron had issued a statement, before The Decision, to the people of Ohio, thanking them for their support, explaining his desire to win championships, explaining how he didn’t feel management was doing enough to create a winning team; he probably wouldn’t have hurt so many people who did view him like a GOD.  There would have been a lot of upset people, but, after reading people’s responses to The Decision, it seems like everyone in Ohio was brokenhearted and mad.

Kevin, on the other hand, signed on with Seattle and is still with the same team.  Don’t worry Kevin, yes I’m from Seattle, but I’m not mad at you for leaving, I’m mad at Clay Bennett for ripping the SuperSonics away from Seattle and dropping them into Oklahoma as the Thunder.  Not Ohio-Lebron mad, but pretty mad.

Kevin signed a deal with Nike instead of Adidas, not because it was bigger (actually it looks like it was $10 million smaller), but because he had worn Nikes all his life.  He recently signed a 5 year contract extension with OKC and I hope he becomes the face of that city like Andre Agassi (Las Vegas) or Lance Armstrong (Austin).  He may leave after his contract is up, but it just seems like he is a loyal guy who has a lot of support in OKC.  Plus, now that they have the Thunder, Oklahoma is the proud owner of 1 professional sports team.

Tattoos:  I have tattoos and I’m a big fan of the artwork coming out now.  I enjoy seeing other people’s tattoos and have no problems with anyone just because of their tattoos.  Having said that, there’s a huge difference in Lebron’s tattoos and Kevin’ tattoos.

I didn’t even know Kevin had tattoos until I googled him (I’m sorry Kevin, I don’t mean for that to sound nasty…it just does).  He has quite a few on his chest and back.  You don’t see them until he takes off his shirt, a huge difference from Lebron’s tattoos.  Lebron’s are up in your face, you can’t miss them, doesn’t matter what he’s wearing on the court, tattoos.

Lebron has a big tattoo on his back which says: The Chosen One.  I read Lebron’s explanation of the tattoo, something about the phrase makes him push himself more, but to me it just seems to be arrogant and childish.

Kevin has a brand new tattoo on his back of the word Maryland, a praying angel holding a basketball and two hands: one holding up three fingers, the other five fingers.  Kevin wears the number 35 in honor of his mentor and his old amateur Athletic Union coach, Charles Craig, who was killed at age 35.

Social Butterfly:  After Miami won the championship, Lebron posted on Facebook the following: OMFG…I’m a CHAMPION!!! I AM a CHAMPION!!!  He didn’t say “we are champions”, he said I am a champion.  That goes along great with his The Chosen One tattoo.

This is how Kevin starts his blogs: What’s good everyone?  And his first blog?  It was about him eating sour patch extremes.  That sounds like something my daughter, Jessie would blog about.  Kevin seems more innocent…he probably isn’t…but I like thinking about a basketball player who wears a backpack, is humble, is loyal, and doesn’t flaunt his millions of dollars with a row of lavish cars and mansions in every major city.

Janet and I talked about the differences between Lebron and Kevin and my surprise at the seemingly depth of those differences.  I can’t fathom why two young men, both turning pro at an extremely young age, could turn out so very different.  Janet feels you are who you are from a very young age and no amount of growth opportunities will help if, deep down, you’re an immature person.  I tend to agree.



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