Let’s Go to Bend!

Janet and I went to Bend this past weekend and found a place to stay for the summer!  Okay, we had a little scare in the beginning thinking we wouldn’t be able to find a place, but it all worked out in the end.  Seriously, we thought in this economy it would be easy to find someone who wanted to rent their second, heavily mortgaged home to us on a month to month basis.  We were mistaken.

We arrived in Bend and realized that bringing our shorts was just wishful thinking; it’s still pretty cold up there.  Who knew we would need to bring our parkas to Bend and Seattle at the end of May? It was in the 80s and 90s in Sacramento and most of the rest of the world.

We started our search for a home on Craigslist and found some listings but couldn’t get anyone to respond to our inquiries.  When we called a realtor who specializes in vacation rentals she told us stories about listings on Craigslist from people who are in foreclosure and people who stopped paying their mortgages who are just looking to make a quick buck.  So, of course, our response was to panic.

Me being the level headed one (don’t laugh Janet), I decided against moving to Bend at all.  It just didn’t seem to be in the cards for us.  But then we found a great management company who had the perfect month to month rental for us.  The only problem is the fact that it’s a pretty small condo.  It’s a 2/1 with small bedrooms and a tiny living room.  It’s probably only 650 square feet.

Me being the cerebral, non emotional one (stop laughing), I agreed to it and then, after I’d thought about it, said it was too small and let’s just move to Seattle now instead of waiting until September.  We really couldn’t find anything better than the little condo so Janet took me to IKEA and we played; I too can be an interior designer at HGTV.

WE CAN DO THIS.  We treated it like a game as we analyzed each of IKEA’s little roomed apartment layouts 359 sqft,  594 sqft, 650 sqft.  How can we create as much space as possible with as little furniture as we can but still have places to sit down?  Since most of our furniture will not fit, we’ll have to be careful not to make Budge too angry (curse you, Budge!).  Thrift stores here we come!

The whole point in going to Bend is our desire to spend more time in the Great Outdoors, so having a small domicile isn’t that big of a deal.  And according to Janet, the condo has the one thing we need, the one thing that has been missing from our lives the past year, the one thing Janet has been dreaming about for twelve long months: space for a BBQ grill.  I see pork chops and applesauce in my future.

At the end of the weekend, with our Bend situation under control now, we moved on to Seattle so we could see the Mariner’s game on Monday night.  The Texas Rangers were in town and Yu Darvish was the pitcher for the Rangers.  Since I’m so non-emotional, my first thought was, “Oh crap!  Why bother even going?  The Mariners will definitely lose.”  I went, of course, and not just because Janet hit me upside the head with our already bought tickets; I went because I was buying the first baseball for my brand new baseball collection.  (The Mariners won decisively, btw.  I knew they would.)

I decided, a while back, to collect one baseball from every stadium except for the New York Yankees.  Since the Mariners are my first and strongest baseball loves, I wanted to start at Safeco Field.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen display cases for baseballs for all 30 teams; I’ll just scratch out the Yankees and buy a ball at a minor league game; maybe an affiliate of the Mariners?  Or I can take Jessie to a Round Rock Express game, the Ranger affiliate.  She loves the outfield grass and I’m a halfway infatuated Rangers fan.

It rained all afternoon, before the game, but it stopped raining and the clouds dispersed just in time for the game.  They actually retracted the roof so we could see that large yellow orb in the sky.  I believe you people call that the sun.  We were pretty cold as the game temp was only 60.  Seriously, how do these people live here in the tundra?  My nails turned blue and I thought I was going to lose skin off my cheeks; mostly the ones on my face.

Anyhoo, life is pretty good now: I’m warmer, we have a place to stay for the summer, I bought the first baseball for my collection (my UFO baseball from Roswell, New Mexico and my <save the> Alamo ball from San Antonio don’t count), and I had pizza for dinner.  What more could a level headed person like me need?  Well, long pants for one.

Book Update: I am this close, THIS CLOSE, to being done.  Stay tuned.  Devan’s Story: Blue Hydrangeas.  Book One of the Vancouver Series.



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