The First of Three Moves

We made it to Sacramento!  For the last month, Janet and I have been packing our things with the anticipation of moving three times in the next 6 months.  Why on Earth, you might ask, would someone willfully and knowingly move three times quickly like that?  That’s just how we roll.

Almost immediately after moving into our apartment in Vancouver, we realized we had made a mistake.  And by “we” I mean me.  I thought it would be easier to rent an apartment than anything else: cheaper, easier to clean, easy convenience to a pool and workout room.  It didn’t work out the way I thought it would.

Our three bedroom apartment was expensive compared to renting a house; I had no idea until we were settled in.  The father of one of Jessie’s friends told me how much he was renting his house for and it was $200 cheaper than what we were paying.  And much nicer.

Janet let me pick the apartment we would call home and I picked the second floor in the back by the walking path.  I’ve learned something about the sandwich apartment: it sucks.  The walking path in the back that looked so inviting?  It’s 1/50 of a mile and it’s where all the dog owners take their dogs for walks.  Yeah, crappy.

The walls are so thin in the apartments you could hear everything going on around you.  When our neighbors would have sex it sounded like they were in the room with us; and they weren’t impressive.  When the woman downstairs would yell and scream obscenities at her husband?  It was like I was right there with them enjoying the show.

The little boy upstairs runs everywhere and loves to jump off the furniture.  I know I have a daughter, but I don’t like most kids and I didn’t like that one at all.  His mom’s way of stopping him was to yell and scream at him to knock it off.  So, I either had him jumping off the furniture or his mom yelling and screaming.  Made for some aggravating weekends; thank heavens the kids went to school.

I realized, immediately after moving in, this was not our forever home and we would be moving at the end of April 2012 when the lease was up.  I learned an important and expensive lesson with this apartment: I will (probably, never say never) never again rent an apartment where I have people above me or below me.

A townhouse style condo where you share a side wall or attached garages?  Fine.  A condo where they have actually put a little money into the construction and you can’t hear the people above or below?  Fine.  A place where the walls are so thin I’m afraid if I trip I’ll fall right thru them?  Never again.  Plus, I really want to use my Zumba dvd.

When Janet and I went to Bend, Oregon in October we fell in love with the little town.  What a great place to spend some time.  Janet casually said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to spend the summer in Bend?”  Well, of course, I jumped all over that!  I didn’t hear the “Wouldn’t it be…” part; what I heard was, “Jenn, let’s move to Bend for the summer.  I won’t take no for an answer.”

So, we moved to Sacramento for the month of May (yay expense account!) to cut down on expenses and then we’ll be heading over to Bend until September.  We’ll end up in the Seattle area, the place I grew up, the place I have missed for twenty years.  I figure we’ll probably end up in the Portland area when Janet retires.  At least for the warmish months.

I’m not sure how all the moving will affect our budget (curse you, budge!), but I will try to be good and not have much frivolous spending.  The problem is I don’t feel any spending is really frivolous.  I really need that corona infused margarita with dinner.

I gotta run.  I’ve got a lot of work to do.  I have to finish a book, go for a walk, and probably do some packing; one move down, two to go.



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