Where Does The Time Go?

I can’t believe its April.  I’m not sure where the time goes.  I had a job in Texas I did not like and that slowed time down a bit.  Now I don’t have that restriction, so time is just flying by.  April is our last month in Vancouver.  I’ll spend May with Janet in California and then all three of us will spend the summer in Central Oregon.  Time will really fly by then.

I envision a summer full of kayaking, swimming, tennis, hiking, and flying kites. I’ll probably end up buying a nice hammock and sleeping most of the summer, but I like to dream big.  Preferably from a hammock.  I have to run our daughter, Jessie, around just to wear her out or else she will be bored silly all summer.  So, I’ll at least drag her out to one of the lakes or rivers and throw her in.  She loves that.

The last couple of days, I was in Walla Walla Washington.  Why might you ask?  Why not?  A friend of Janet’s, we’ll call her Micki, is a TV producer who was going to Walla Walla to shoot some footage.  Micki and Janet were on the phone yacking away when Micki casually told Janet, “Why don’t you ask Jenn if she wants to go to Walla Walla with me?

I’m thinking the idea just popped into Micki’s head and she verbalized it but wasn’t expecting me to say yes.  Of course I said yes!  Who wouldn’t say yes to a driving trip through the gorge to see Walla Walla Washington?  That sure is fun to say.  I must admit, I had a great time.

Micki and Janet have been friends for a long time…way before the Jenn era.   I’d met Micki a few times but couldn’t really say I knew her very well.  I figured an eight-hour round trip drive, with Micki trapped in the car, was the perfect way to get to know her better.  Plus, there’s Walla Walla!

Micki’s job is to get people to open up about their lives and feel comfortable doing it.  She had me talking about things I didn’t even know about myself.  Damn, she’s good at her job.  We talked the whole way through the gorge about life’s challenges and joys, about animals and friends, and about how we feel about different things.  We talked about Janet a lot too (tee-hee).

Downtown Walla Walla is pretty cute with shops, restaurants and numerous wine tasting rooms.  If you are partial to wine, I suggest you head on over to Walla Walla and have at it.  There are so many wineries around that the local bookstore has a coffee table book about various dogs living at the numerous wineries.  Our hotel had it on their coffee table.

Micki and I had dinner, Monday night, at a restaurant called Olives that was pretty good and I had pizza for lunch the next day at a pizzeria called Sweet Basil Pizzeria which was dee-licious.  It helped they had a big screen TV showing the NY Mets and NY Yankees pre-season game.  And the Mets were up 5-1.  I had to leave when those Damn Yankees tied the game.

I was sad when our trip ended.  It was a nice excursion that pulled me out of my ordinary life and plopped me down in Walla Walla Washington.  I was sad it had to end because Micki travels a lot and we don’t get to see my new friend very much.  I hope we can see her soon, but I’m afraid we’ll be gone before it happens.  Where does the time go?



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