And The Winner Is…Janet!

Congratulations to Janet, who won ‘Karen’s’ (name changed for her safety) first 2012 six-week challenge.  Good job, Janet.  So, I, of the sit around and watch TV life, lost to a woman who commutes from Washington to California every week, works 12 – 14 hours a day, and is in meetings seems about 120 hours a week.  Not a good sign for me.

Janet only missed one day of her challenge, she didn’t eat 5 fruits/veggies on one day.  That’s it: one.  One fruit out of 267 individual items in 42 days!  Me?  I missed two days of fruits and three days of cardio.  That’s right: I had to borrow $5 from Janet to give Karen the $5 I owed to pay Janet for winning.  Life is so hard sometimes.

I’d like to talk a little about Budge now.  I don’t want to because I…do…not…like…Budge.  January was a hard month on Budge.  We were quite a bit over on three categories: car insurance, travel, car maintenance.  No surprise in the travel department, but that little Prius stabbed Budge a couple of times.  I should probably feel bad.

So, we set aside money for car insurance, the whole year broken down into monthly payments, but didn’t realize it was due in January.  Oops.  We should be ready for July’s bill, though.  The Prius hit 60k miles the end of 2011 and we took it to the dealership for its checkup.  I want to say we took her in the 2nd of January; didn’t take us long into the New Year to go way over budget.  Oops again.

I don’t know what to say about travel: both Janet and I realize we have a problem, have verbalized and now own our problem, we just can’t seem to help ourselves.  Every time we see super cheap flights somewhere it’s like a crack dealer having buy one get one (BOGO) free sale.  We know we’re addicts and we need help…but how can we say no to BOGO?!?

We now have the car expenses behind us, unless I go outside and the car is up on blocks totally stripped, (maybe I shouldn’t joke) and Budge this month looks pretty good.  Let me just see where our problem areas are: Dining Out, Entertainment, Gifts, Clothing and Miscellaneous, oh, everything we went over on last month.  Apparently, we are having problems in all the areas where we need just a little bit of self-control.

We are under Budge in some areas: Groceries might come in under and Gasoline is way under.  After the Prius had her checkup, we haven’t spent any money in our Maintenance category.  Now where did we park that truck of ours?  We are also under in our water/sewer/trash bill.  I guess only flushing once a week really does help keep costs down.

You’re not going to believe this.  Are you sitting?  We are $28.60 under Budge on Travel!  What day is it?  The 22nd: we might make it to the end of the month without anymore travel expenses.  I’m so excited.  Of course, that doesn’t make up for the overage on the above list.  Our Groceries and Gas expenses are under Budge, so it looks like everything will be close.

We don’t have any travel plans next month that I know of, so we might be way under our Budge in March.  Unless one of us happens to see $59 tickets to Long Beach again, how can we say no to $59 tickets?  Just one more BOGO for us…we can quit anytime we want to.  I know we can.



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