Tim Tebow

Okay, I just have to ask:  Am I the only one, not an Evangelical Christian, mind you, who likes Tim Tebow?  At first he was annoying.  The commercial during the big game, the one with Tim and his Mom explaining how she almost aborted him, and thank God she didn’t?  That was a little over the top for me.  But I can’t help but be drawn to Tebow because of his focus and desire to win.

When he started playing pro football, he was roundly criticized for many things: his inaccurate passing, his horrible footwork, his Tebowing at the drop of the hat. (Tebowing is what they now call it when players bend on one knee and give thanks to God for whatever marvelous thing they just did.)  You have to admit, though, he does win games.

I’m from Seattle, I’m no fan of the Denver Broncos.  I became very tired of watching John Elway come back from the dead to beat my poor, long-suffering (on my part) Seahawks.  You would think Elway, of all people, could appreciate the comebacks Tebow has engineered in his short career.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I watched as, after one comeback, Elway walked right by Tebow, completely ignored him.  Come on, John, he just won a game, give him a handshake.  John Elway even said he didn’t think his quarterback of the future was on the roster today.  That’s not a nice thing to say.  John did reverse himself, in the last day or two, saying he would spend the offseason with Tebow, working with him to be the best quarterback he could possibly be.  Not a ringing endorsement, but better than a swift kick in the butt.

I find myself having hypocritical thoughts all the time, I can’t help it: I’m human.  I find myself a bit of the hypocrite, especially when I’m driving.  I want people to slow down and drive like responsible, good drivers, but when they do, it makes me angry.  ‘Get out of my way, Grandma!’ is one of my more printable sentiments.

So, after reading in the papers and emails all the horrible things people do to each other day in and seemingly day out, I just want to read about a nice person who does good things.  But when I do read about a person like that, a person like Tebow, it annoys me to death.  “Really?  No one can be that nice!  He’s faking it.  Someone follow him around and catch him in the act of nastiness and debauchery.”  There’s a lot of that going around.

Am I not fully in the Tebow bandwagon just because of his over the top religious beliefs?  It does invoke a few eye rolls on my part, but if you take that part of him away, take away his religion, would I like him more?  Would I like him more if he weren’t an Evangelical Christian? What would that say about me?  Nothing annoys me more than when someone doesn’t like me just because of one aspect of who I am.  You liked me before you found out I was a Libra, I’m still the same person, don’t hate me just because of that.  If you don’t like my personality, that’s fine, I think there’s a club for you people.

Maybe I have a hard time believing he’s honestly that nice because I have watched TV Evangelists and Politicians too long.  They seem to thrive on saying one thing and doing the exact opposite.  To them, it’s better to say what people want to hear, need to hear, than the actual truth.  ‘Oh, give me money: God says you must to further his word.’ Really?  Not so you can own a fleet of cars, a plane and a mansion?

I’m a firm believer in freedom of religion.  But let me clarify: don’t force me to believe what YOU believe.  Let me just sit in the corner, my little non-believing corner, and let me be…and you can go to your corner…and believe whatever you want to believe.  As long as neither of us hurts anyone, who cares?

I like Tim Tebow, more and more as time goes on, because he seems to genuinely care about other human beings.  Something this world needs more of, in my opinion.  The guy can win a football game, too.  I like a person who has that much drive, that much ambition, that much belief in himself and beyond, to win football games on shear will alone.

Sure, he’s not the best quarterback to walk the planet. <Insert favorite good quarterback here> was a much better quarterback.  (Since I am limited in the good quarterback area, I’ll say Warren Moon, but I still hold a torch for Jim Zorn.  They robbed you, Zorn!  Damn Krieg!)  But Tebow seems to be a fundamentally good human being.  And if his religious beliefs created this persona, who am I to say he is wrong.


Ps.  I just finished the second draft to my book!  Yippee yeehaw!  I’ll read it one more time, just to catch the really ugly mistakes, print it out and give it to a couple of friends to read.  Janet and I tried to pick people who we thought would give honest opinions.  People who could gently steer me in the right direction, not make me cry, but let me know when something doesn’t make sense.  A lot of times, I know what I am talking about, nobody else does.  It makes it hard for me to communicate.

Janet, Jessie and I are celebrating Christmas with Janet’s family in Indiana this year, and I am looking forward to seeing their new house.  I can’t wait to go to a state I’ve never been to, spend time with Janet’s family (always a treat), and watch some good football.  What’s that Janet?  Oh, we’ll be watching the Colts play?  Damn, a team worse than my beloved Seahawks?  Sorry, just had to put that in there.  It’s nice, every once in a while, to not be the worst team in the NFL.

Janet and I will be going to Austin Texas, to visit friends, in January of the new year and we are very excited.  We have to be organized: creating lists of places to go and people to see.  Or we’ll just go out with friends, drink a little, eat a little, and get nothing done.  I know where we definitely want to go eat: Chuy’s, Rudy’s, Upper Crust bakery, maybe Guero’s (not our favorite restaurant, but it is the site of our very first date)…



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4 responses to “Tim Tebow

  1. I completely agree. If Tim keeps his winning ways. they should definately keep him as their QB

    • Yes, who cares if he isn’t a textbook quarterback? He wins games. Build your game around him. His teammates seem to love him, maybe that’s all that matters.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing the Broncos actually commit to Tebow and build the entire team around him. It would be interesting to watch and how could you not root for Tebow? Lets see what he can do!

      • I agree, he needs to be given a chance. There’s so much, in sports, that go into winning a game, not the least of which is the mental aspect of the game. If you don’t think you can do it…you won’t. If Tebow inspires his teammates to win, maybe that’s more important than his footwork or the fact he thanks God for every first down.

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