Some of My Favorite Things

So, I was thinking, the other day, about some of my favorite things (and although Janet might spontaneously break out into the Sound of Music soundtrack – I am not a fan) and why I like them.  I believe I started thinking about them when Janet and I passed by an Arbys and we commiserated over losing our favorite menu item: the loaded potato wedges.  I’m still mad at Arbys for taking those off the menu.  I notice a theme with my likes: all are of the candy theme.  Real candy, eye candy, brain candy; I can’t believe I’m not a diabetic.

Not everything on my list is food – I could easily do that list too – nor are they all embarrassing: a couple of these I haven’t told anyone outside of my ‘most favored nation’ list of friends.  These are not in any order – just wrote them down as I thought about them.  I’ll spare you the ‘Janet…’ and ‘Jessie…’ stuff; I don’t need anymore eye rolling in my life.  That is Jessie’s job.

Jack in the Box Tacos – Yes, my dirty little secret, I love these weird little tacos.  I’m not sure why but I love the nondescript meat-like paste and the fact they bother to put a little lettuce in there.  Granted it’s the potato chip of lettuce, iceberg, but it makes me feel better, almost like its healthy, am I right?  I try not to eat these often, because lettuce or no, they are not healthy, but I break down every now and then and buy them.  I wish they would sell them individually and not in pairs: I like to eat 3.  They are only 2 for a buck, so I deal with it.

Road House (1989) with Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott – I have to admit I am a big fan of this movie. I was…well…it doesn’t matter how old I was when this came out, let’s just say I wasn’t 2, and it was the first time I realized why I liked movies and I would never have a career as a movie reviewer.  I like not thinking (ever) too hard about things when I am in a movie theater.  I just want to suspend belief and have a good time: escapism at its finest.  It doesn’t hurt that the two leads are so attractive and Sam Elliott is one of my favorite character actors: what a wonderful piece of gristle he is!  Swayze is a bouncer with a philosophy degree – it could happen.

Janet Evanovich – She’s one of my favorite reads.  I love the Stephanie Plum series and the way she writes.  She has the most interesting peripheral characters.  I’m only up to number 8, but I enjoy reading her, not because she is technically great nor does she have amazing sentence structure, but because she is an easy, breezy read.  Sometimes that is exactly what I need.  I like her for the same reasons I like Fannie Flagg: the laid back, conversational, down home feel to her books.  One is more of the southern flair and the other is a big haired, cake eating, gun-toting kind.  Evanovich makes me want to fly to New Jersey just to see if the people really do act like that.

Castle (ABC) – I REALLY love this show.  I haven’t liked a show this much since…ever.  This is the one show I religiously watch during my alloted time: 10pm on ABC in my time zone.  Then I watch it on Hulu a couple of weeks later.  I’ve read all 3 of the Richard Castle books and I even have a t-shirt with ‘Shut the Front Door’ (thanks, Jan).  I used to think poorly of people this into a tv show – really, what is wrong with those Trekkies – but I am pretty close to being a Castlie.  Nathan Fillion is my favorite actor – hands down – I will go have a beer with him anytime.

Necco Wafers – I’m a big fan of candy.  Not the chocolate kind, really, but the pure sugar kind.  These were my favorite as a kid and I haven’t grown out of them.  I will have Neccos after dinner over traditional desserts on most days.  Unless there’s cheesecake involved.  After Halloween, I’ll go looking for mini Neccos.  I accidentally bought sour Neccos, one year, and was dismayed at the new trend in candy.  Not everyone who likes Neccos is 7, people.   I love me some runts, too.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee –  Growing up in Seattle, I wasted a lot of years unaware of DD.  Actually, I didn’t even start drinking coffee until I moved to Tulsa, OK, can you believe that?  Don’t worry, I feel much better now.  I didn’t become aware of DD until I met a certain East Coaster (the Other Coast) who clued me in to the yummy food and iced coffee.  If only Vancouver had a DD: I would be in Heaven.  I would open up a franchise here if it wasn’t for Starbucks and the fact you need 1.5 million to open one.  Here, let me write you a check!

Hulu – These guys are definitely on to something.  I think this format is the wave of the future and I hope all channels go to an open format where the option to watch when it suits you is the norm.  The freedom of Hulu is great, although I will admit: I probably watch more TV because of it.  The only shows I watch now (besides Castle) during the time I am forced to sit before the TV are on CBS because they don’t play well with others and I can never get the shows to run on my computer from  I watch most shows on Hulu and it helps that it’s free.  I won’t pay for Hulu Plus because Netflix has a much better catalog.  I didn’t include Netflix in this list because they are annoying me with all their drama and bad decisions.

Reading –  My favorite place to read is on a tropical beach, in a hammock, with a rum punch nearby, and a slight ocean beach cooling me off.  What was I saying?  Oh yeah, if that choice is unavailable, anywhere will do.  I love all formats: books, magazines, newspapers (still love those), blogs, emails, billboards, anything really.  Janet and I started reading Sue Grafton’s series a couple of years ago and really enjoy them.  We also have Evanovich, King, McMurtry, Lee Child, and Chelsea Cain (although this series is Janet’s; I’m too sensitive for her) in our current rotation.

Lists – I love writing lists of all kinds: grocery lists, lists of movies I want to watch, books I want to read, places I want to visit. I have so many lists, lying around, I don’t know what to do with them…another list, perhaps?  If I didn’t spend so much time making lists I probably could get some real work done.  Some might say this is an obsessive/compulsive thing, but I disagree.  I’m just trying to get organized…which is on a list, by the way.  Hey! I have CDO, which is OCD but in the proper order.  I love that t-shirt.

Cheeseburgers and Fries – Yum.  I’ve tried, twice, to make it as a vegetarian, but I couldn’t because I missed burgers too much.  Sad but true.  Nothing better than a nice juicy cheeseburger and salty fries.  Janet and I usually split meals but I’ll eat my own if I have to.  Oh, btw, the new cheeseburgers and fries at Wendy’s?  Delicious!  Not kidding.  They did a wonderful job in researching burgers…how do I get a job like that?  I put them in my top 3 of favorite burgers along with Mighty Fine and Five Guys.  Wendy’s now has the other major burger chains up against the ropes.

Bridesmaids – This is a new favorite, and it might not hold up to the test of time, but I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.  We’ll have to rent it again because we laughed through a large part of the dialogue.  Truly a great ‘chick flick’ in my book: rude and inappropriate in all the ways women can be but don’t want to show in public.  If it wasn’t for Netflix, I would buy this movie and watch it repeatedly.  Seriously, people, streaming is the way to go.  Borrowing something, even with a little fee, is also a great way to go.






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4 responses to “Some of My Favorite Things

  1. Janet

    Oh you know I am breaking into song! LOL

  2. Bonnie

    nancy also is a big fan of JITB tacos. Of course, I won’t complain if she buys them….

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