Say Hello To My Little First Draft

I finished my first draft yesterday. That felt so good. I’m not sure how long a ‘normal’ book should be and I have no idea how a word document translates into book form, so I guess I’ll just have to order it later on to find out.  If I buy the book, along with Janet and all 3 of my friends, I can call myself a published author, one of the few things I haven’t been called in my life.  Way to go, Jenn!
Janet and I decided to self publish our book so we won’t get any nasty rejection letters to hang on the wall. I’ll just have to forgo that character building on this project.  It seems pretty straightforward and I feel better about self publishing since ebooks now outsell paper books and a recent USA Today bestseller list had two or three $.99 self published ebooks. I think 99 cents is too cheap for a book, I will charge $2.99…really suck those readers dry. I’ll sit back and watch all the dough roll my way, dozens and dozens of dollars!  Yes, it still counts if it is mostly Janet and my Mom’s money.

It’s a good feeling finishing the first draft…I actually completed something. I’m taking a writing class on creating dynamic characters and figure I’ll wait until the class is over to work on the second draft. I’m really hoping I learn something from this class…it seems very promising, very eye opening. I have learned a lot already, just from last night’s class. Mostly that my writing sucks compared to the other students, but at least I got that realization out of the way early in my second career!
Oh, btw, anyone heard of hot yoga? Janet has taken a couple of classes (at 5:30 in the morning no less) and she says it is intense. They raise the temperature of the room to 105 and you hold 26 different positions for 60 seconds each. You wouldn’t believe the amount of sweat involved.  Isn’t that a lovely picture?  A room full of sweaty, writhing people trying desperately not to fling their used salt water on you.  Sign me up! Last I talked with Janet she was consuming copious amounts of water and drinking straight from the salt shaker.



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