The Road to Happiness

It’s not often you hear about people who are in the very fortunate position to quit their job voluntarily, not pursue a ‘real’ job, and see if they can make it as a writer.
I am one of those people.  My partner, Janet, thinks I can write well enough to sell a book or two.  I honestly believe she is just incredibly biased, love tends to do that
to one, but she tells me, no, she is not that biased, and she will put her
money where her mouth is.

If I asked you to define the word ‘wealthy’, what would come to mind?  Lots of money?  Mansions? Yachts?  Want to know my favorite definition of wealthy?  It’s waking up every morning and doing exactly what you want to do that day.  If you can get to that point in your life…you are a wealthy person.  It doesn’t necessarily mean having a ton of money, I’m sure that would help immensely, it just means getting to the point
in your life where you enjoy every minute of it.  I realized this morning, when I noticed we were a third of the way through October already, that time is flying by.  Time did not fly by when I was working my last job.

I really didn’t like my old job.  My Mom taught me to never use the word hate, “it’s too strong of a word to use lightly,” she always said, so I reserve that word for the Yankees, light beer, and vegetables.  (To be honest, I don’t really hate light beer and veggies.
They’re just not my favorite things.)  I really, really didn’t like my old job, though.  Every time my alarm would go off I would think, ‘Really?’  I worked for the State
of Texas, was a microbiologist for 6 years when I decided to quit.  The work itself was very interesting, it was the people and the institution that I really didn’t like.  When the opportunity to move back to the Pacific Northwest, the place I desperately missed, presented itself…I jumped at the chance.

Yes, I realize how bad the economy is now, how bad life is for way too many people on this planet.  Please, don’t ever for a minute think I don’t know how lucky I am…I am incredibly lucky.  I have a loving partner who adores me (not sure why) and just wants me to be happy; I have a daughter who I embarrass on a daily basis (she doesn’t even live with me during the school year, my powers are so great, I embarrass long distance), who loves me even though I am a dork; and I have freedoms most only hope for.

I can never thank Janet enough because thank you is so inadequate.  I can just hear her now, “don’t worry about it, honey, my pleasure.”  No, that’s not what I meant, Thank You.  “Seriously, Jenn, it’s not that big of a deal.”  Yes it is.  Thank you for believing in me, for being there for me, for supporting me not knowing how any of this will turn
out.  For that I can only say: THANK YOU.  All I refuse and thee I chuse.




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4 responses to “The Road to Happiness

  1. Janet

    I am so not biased. lol

  2. Janet

    I love Portland/Vancouver and I can buy more sweaters – how many sweaters is it appropriate to wear at once?

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